It is in the rocky landscapes of Saint-Alexandre, in the Gard, that a story is born, that of a wine with strong character just like its native scrubland. The main challenge to be taken up in this wild environment remains the aridity of the soils and the lack of water. To overcome this problem, we recently set up a drip system, which came into being after several weeks of work. 

Why did you choose drip? 

      Initially, this system saves a large amount of water thanks to a precisely regulated system that uses much less water than conventional watering. This new facility guarantees production that is more respectful of the environment and therefore anchored in its times. In addition, this method allows us to save time, and therefore, to be able to devote ourselves to the development of other aspects of production and sales (harvest, pruning, bottling, marketing ...)

How was this system set up and how does it work? 

      This arrangement is relatively simple to operate: it consists of a pre-drilled pipe at regular intervals (the gap of two vines) allowing a continuous and controlled quantity of water to be brought directly to the vines. Today it is the most precise and water-efficient irrigation system, thus making it possible to meet the needs of the vine and not of the weeds between the rows. Also, this system greatly reduces evaporation.

      As for its installation, it was long and expensive, in time, energy and obviously financially. However, in the long term, these precious water supplies allow us to maintain a suitable production of 15hl / ha (ie the maximum authorized production is 55hl / ha).


* We can observe Julien CHATEAU on the cover page opening the trenches where the main supply pipes will pass.



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