Between wine tourism and festivities, the Terra6840 estate surprises for the 3rd consecutive year

The Rhône Valley is full of exciting wine tourism activities. It is a prime destination for wine and culture enthusiasts, a blend of epicurean lifestyle, stories, and traditions. Whether alone, as a couple, with friends, or with family, you will undoubtedly find happiness by visiting our beautiful region.

Imagine cycling through vineyards, participating in blending workshops, discovering estates filled with stories and expertise, or savoring local dishes in the heart of the vineyards, surrounded by the natural beauty of the region.


Domain Terra 6840 in Saint-Alexandre


There are numerous possibilities, and Domain Terra 6840 has been offering its own version for the past 3 years: The Epicurean Harvest! A unique and complete experience to be lived during one weekend per year, including accommodation, meals, the best wine tourism activities, and beautiful festivities in a convivial atmosphere.

For the 3rd consecutive year, the estate surprises with its ambition to bring together wine and nature lovers during the last weekend of August 2024. Activities such as: Horseback ride in the vineyards, tasting session with an oenologist (Ms. Véronique David), harvest workshop, visit to our estate's cellar await you, accompanied by a giant barbecue and a festive and spectacular banquet organized with Le Canon Français!


This 2024 edition is a unique event not to be missed under any circumstances! Registrations have been open since the beginning of May only, and we have already received several dozen requests!


Find the program and all information about the event on the reservation page!


Take the time to recharge in an estate surrounded by preserved nature, forget the daily routine for a weekend and enjoy the last days of summer.

We look forward to meeting you at this event, sharing together this unique and epicurean moment!