Martin Vetsch, an atypical winemaker from the Rhône Valley

In the wine world of the Rhône Valley, among the many players in the production of an authentic Côtes du Rhône, stands out for his unique journey and epicurean philosophy: Martin Vetsch.

At the helm of the "Les Esprits Sains" estate, Martin represents a new generation of winemakers who combine a passion for the terroir with environmental commitment.

Martin Vetsch and his truck presenting his Côtes du Rhône

Who is Martin?

Son of Olivier Vetsch, a real estate developer and founder of the estate in 2008, Martin took over the operation in 2020. His arrival marks a turning point for "Les Esprits Sains," with a transition to organic farming and limited production focusing on quality over quantity. This approach is part of an epicurean vision, where the pleasure of tasting a good wine is combined with respect for nature.

An unconventional journey

Martin Vetsch is no ordinary winemaker. His unconventional journey, taking him from the world of music in England to the vineyards, makes his approach and vision a perfect blend of modernity and tradition.

Taking the initiative to learn alongside passionate winemakers, experienced oenologists, his numerous discussions, experiments, and readings allow him to develop a unique approach to viticulture, focused on innovation and excellence.

The Les Esprits Sains Estate

The "Les Esprits Sains" estate is a haven of peace where biodiversity reigns. Located in the peaceful village of Saint-Alexandre, the estate covers eight hectares and offers a range of wines called Terra 6840. These wines reflect Martin's commitment to an authentic and high-quality product, appealing to both connoisseurs and novices.

Environmental protection as an objective

Martin's sensitivity to environmental protection is evident not only in his farming methods but also in his way of promoting his wines. He travels to markets and restaurants in the region with his pink van, sharing his passion and convictions with an ever-growing audience.

French wine producer and territory ambassador.

Martin is more than a winemaker; with his Terra 6840 wine, he is a true ambassador of the Rhône Valley and its values. His story is that of a man who has managed to combine tradition and modernity, quality and sustainability, to create wines that tell a story, that of the land and those who cherish it.