Martin Vetsch moved from partitions to vineyard plots

For three years, Martin Vetsch has taken over responsibility for the Les Esprits Sanes estate, which his father, a real estate professional and passionate about wine, created in 2009.

The young man, originally from Thionville, first passed a general baccalaureate then left for London to join the ICMP (Institute of contemporary music performance) in order to study musicology. The following year, he returned to France, admitted to the MAI (Music academy international), the first contemporary music school in Nancy. But in this year 2020, the young drummer's studies are suddenly interrupted and, due to confinement, the family leaves Moselle to retire to the estate.

It was during this period in the countryside that Martin Vetsch developed his interest in vines and wine. His desire to discover and understand leads him to meet winegrowers and an experienced oenologist who guides him through reading advice and appropriate magazines.

From the 2020 harvest, Martin gradually learned winemaking techniques, guided by the winemaker attached to the estate. “I learn on my own by looking around me, analyzing current trends and seeking to adapt to ever-changing demand,” he declares. He created a website to have a showcase. The name is chosen for the estate, Les Esprits santé and Terra 6 840 for the production which refers to the Roman lands on which the property is located and the numbers 68 and 40, date the creation with the year of birth and age of the founder at that time.

Production is family-run. An area of ​​only 8 ha focuses on quality rather than quantity. It is converting to organic farming. Martin reflects on the general trend in wine consumption.

Second edition of the epicurean harvests

For him, “a new generation of consumers has a preference for fruitiness, lightness and the story behind the bottle. The winemaker has a story to tell.” His desire to transmit is manifested by organizing the second edition of the Vendanges Epicuriennes at the estate, from September 15 to 17, to discover, learn and share, with, as a highlight, the evening of Saturday September 16 with the presence of a DJ and a food truck during the tasting at Chemin du Romanet.

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