Wine tasting with terra 6840

A journey to the heart of aromas and flavors

At Terra 6840, our passion for excellence is reflected in every drop of our AOC Côtes du Rhône wines. This is why we offer you an exclusive and intimate tasting of our wine from the Rhône Valley. These moments of richness and conviviality will awaken your senses and enrich your understanding of the wine world.



Our Rhône Valley Wine Tasting Locations: Idyllic Setting for Every Occasion


1. In the heart of Thionville:

  • Located at 1, place de l’église in Thionville, our commercial premises offer an elegant and welcoming setting. Perfect for a city break, our wine tastings here are a blend of tradition and modernity.

2. Domaine Terra 6840 in Saint Alexandre, in the Gard:

  • Immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere of our wine estate, in the heart of the Rhône Valley. Surrounded by lush vines, the Terra 6840 estate is the perfect place for an immersive and informative wine tasting.

3. At home:

  • For a more intimate and tailor-made experience, we offer wine tastings at home. Whether for an evening with friends, a romantic moment as a couple, or a family reunion, Martin will come to you with a selection of our best wines.

You can also meet us at many trade fairs and markets in Eastern France or Paris!


Book your wine tasting experience:


To plan your wine tasting with Terra 6840, please contact us by email at or by telephone at 06 84 74 28 94 . We are at your disposal to personalize your experience according to your preferences.


Venez à notre rencontre lors de nos tournées de Noël sur les marchés du Grand-Est


Why choose Terra 6840 for your Rhône Valley wine tasting ?


  • Expertise: Martin and his team, made up of enthusiasts and experts in Côtes du Rhône winemaking, guarantee you an enriching and educational experience.

  • Quality : Each wine selected for our tastings represents the best of the AOC Côtes du Rhône.

  • Flexibility: Whether in Thionville, in our area in Gard, or at home, we adapt the experience to your needs.


How a Rhône Valley wine tasting takes place at Domaine Terra  


  • Welcome : Martin will welcome you directly to Domaine Terra, located at 260 chemin du Romanet, 30130 Saint Alexandre. A first moment of friendly discussion before moving on to a presentation of the estate, its history and its Côtes du Rhône AOC wines.

  • Visit to the estate: You will visit the estate and its secrets, through this visit in the heart of nature, you will explore the Côte du Rhône AOC winemaking process in order to understand all its subtleties.

dégustation de vin de la Vallée du Rhône

  • Tasting of our Rhône Valley wines: The long-awaited moment, the tasting! Martin will present to you a diversity of Côtes du Rhône AOC wines from his farm. You will have the pleasure of tasting the emblematic vintages, the best-sellers or even the vintage wines of the estate, in a sublime setting conducive to an epicurean moment with friends or family.


How does a Rhône Valley wine tasting take place in Thionville? ?


  • Welcome : You will be welcomed in our commercial premises in the heart of Thionville, located 1 place de l'église. This will be followed by a first, simple discussion about your expectations, the discovery of our estate and our Côtes du Rhône AOC wines.

  • Rhône Valley wine tasting: Sharing a friendly, epicurean moment around our different Côtes du Rhône AOC vintages. You will learn the best way to taste it, to smell it, the art of appreciating the taste subtleties of each blend. We will be happy to answer all of your questions throughout this experience.


How a Rhône Valley wine tasting takes place at home ?

You want to offer a friendly and unique experience to your guests or loved ones in a more intimate setting. We come to you for a private tasting at your home..


Dégustation de vin à domicile


  • Organization: In order to organize all the logistics behind a private tasting at home (transport of bottles, tasting equipment, availability of Martin, etc.), it is essential to contact us as soon as possible by email at or by telephone at 06 84 74 28 94. We will thus agree on the tasting date, your expectations about the experience as well as the associated pricing. Once determined, we prepare the rest so that the D-Day is ideal.

  • Tasting moment : Entirely designed according to your previously determined expectations, Martin will come to your home with all the elements he will need to ensure you have a sublime time with your guests.

In the program :

Explanations on the estate, winemaking and the secrets of each vintage presented today.

Progressive and reasoned tasting of each selected Côtes du Rhône AOC (Côtes du Rhône white, Côtes du Rhône red, Vintages, etc.).

Time for discussion and answers to questions from each guest.


What should I do if I don't have the opportunity to do a wine tasting in Saint Alexandre or Thionville?  

There are no worries, only solutions! The Terra estate is present throughout the year in various wine fairs and markets in France.


Here are the last wine fairs where we presented our ranges:


-Rotary Club, Hauconcourt, October 8 and 9.

-At the Vignobles, Colmar, October 21, 22 and 23.

-Friends of Father Scheil, Koenigsmacker, November 6.

-Wine fair and local market, Maizières-les-Metz, November 12 and 13.

-Wine and terroir fairs, Ban St Martin, November 19 and 20.

-Independent Winegrowers' Shows, Porte de Versailles Paris, November 24 to 27.

 -Christmas market, Cuvry, December 4.

 -Christmas market, Place de la Comédie, Metz, November 18 to December 24.


We will take care to inform you of our presence at upcoming events throughout the year!


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