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This Thionvillois winemaker who put the grape on Côtes-du-Rhône

"Passionate about the Rhône Valley and its vines, Olivier Vetsch, also from Thionville, founded the Société civile d'exploitation agricole Les Esprits Sains in 2008. This eight-hectare family estate, located in the Gard, in Saint-Alexandre , near Pont-Saint-Esprit, is now maintained and develops the range of wines called Terra 6840..

Aboard his pink van, Thionvillois Martin Vetsch crisscrosses the markets and restaurants of the greater region to promote his family wine. The unusual side is that it is not a Moselle wine but a beautifully crafted Côtes-du-Rhône, a region where his parents had bought a farm in 2008.



Martin Vetsch does not hesitate to go to the markets of the sector to taste the wines from the family estate. People are always pleasantly surprised, he says. Photo DRDR


« Since its acquisition, considerable work has been carried out to bring it a higher quality standard, underline Martin and Olivier. Each year, their vines give birth to around 5,000 bottles of white (Terra 6840 cuvée Esprit) and 15,000 bottles of red (Terra 6840 cuvée Esprit and Terra 6840 cuvée Millésime). We could produce four times as much, but we prefer to focus on quality over quantity. The red wines, made from Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault, are aged 70% in oak barrels (cuvée Esprit), and 30% in traditional refrigerated vats (cuvée Millésime). The white wines, made up of 80% Viognier and 20% Roussane, are aged entirely in oak barrels for a minimum of eleven months. Raisin on the cake, the design of the Esprit bottle was born from a collaboration with the artist Ara Starck. These bottles are made in limited edition. Count between 9 and 16.6 €.

Several times medalist

« Our work has been rewarded several times, notably during competitions organized in the Rhône Valley. We are very proud of these various medals testifying to the quality of our wines, boasts the 22-year-old young man, who, after two years of music studies in London, where he perfected himself on the drums, has decided to give a new tempo to the marketing of family production. After having discovered a real passion for the cultivation of the vine by discussing and learning from oenologists and winegrowers, I now take care of promoting our vineyard in the Grand Est region but also in Luxembourg, the Netherlands and even in Great Britain. And of course in the Gard.. »

Waiting for an organic conversion

He approaches restaurants, cellars and ensures a sustained presence on the markets. His pink van, like an assembly of red and white, does not go unnoticed. Accustomed to traveling Thionville-Saint-Alexandre 680 km! more often than not and to troubleshoot traffic jams on the road, Martin says today that he is working on the 100% organic conversion of the estate. Although the manufacture is already in the biological perspective, he assures. While waiting for certification, he is happy to participate in restoring the image of Côtes-du-Rhône. It is no longer the wine that once lay carelessly on the table in a pitcher. My goal is to make our wine known to as many people as possible. Young people included, to introduce them to the notion of quality. Because if, today, we consume less, we can also consume better. But always in moderation, of course."emment."

(Olivier MENU, Le Républicain Lorrain, March 16, 2022).

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