Discovery esprit rouge 2016 and vintage 2018

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Our Esprit Rouge 2016 and Vintage 2018 in one box! 

You don't yet know our two ranges of red wines and would like to discover them. Treat yourself to our "Red Wines" discovery box to familiarize yourself with our new vintages!!

The Red Spirit 2016 - Voted 3rd best Côtes du Rhône on Vivino

Our vintage Spirit is a red wine made from a striking blend, developing notes of citrus fruits and melted wood. Grenache calls for an intense color, while Syrah opens our taste buds with deep notes of morello cherries, while bringing this richness to the glass. Good tasting !

Aged for 36 months in oak barrels

Grape variety: Grenache 60%, Syrah 30%, Cinsault 10%.

Operating temperature : 16  Guard: 12 years

Opinion of the oenologist: Véronique David

  • Beautiful deep, shiny and clear color with ruby ​​reflections.

  • Expressive and complex nose notes of strawberry jam, toasted bread, a touch of smoke.

  • On the palate, a full and fatty wine with a lovely sweetness. Notes of spices, black fruits, milk caramel and a touch of mocha.

  • Finish with melted and elegant tannins.


2018 vintage

Fruit and lightness, youth and freshness. Our vintage Mvintage comes from aging in traditional stainless steel vats. A good tannin content as well as a particular roundness bring finesse and soft power to the palate, expression of a controlled temperature during its vinification. Red fruits and beautiful expressions await you!

Grape variety: Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault.

Temperature on duty : 14-16.  Guard:  10 years

Opinion of the oenologist:Véronique David

  • Beautiful deep, intense red color.

  • Fine, elegant, complex nose with notes of: crushed strawberry, crème de cassis, Sichuan pepper.

  • On the palate, a suave wine with an attack of volume and fat.

  • Spicy notes, aromas of fig leaf, cinnamon, cardamom and ginger.

  • Finish with melted and elegant tannins.